Consulting and Reports

We were previously engaged in advanced confidential research. Please note CGSA no longer provides an commercial analysis advisory service.

Given the growing global interest in government and industry for unmatched advanced predictive analysis the decision to abandon our advisory service was not taken lightly. Our standard Business As Usual (BAU) model was increasing indicating that between 215-2025 the risk of global civilisation wide distress due to resource constraints would be reaching critical levels.

The magnitude and velocity of emerging events and the apparent inability of other parties to effect meaningful mitigation due to a lack of effective tools, has necessitated a change of focus for CGSA.

Since CGSA is in the possession of a large and rapidly growing portfolio of technologies and processes which could potentially address many of these challenges, we have progressed from simply reporting on hidden emerging challenges to working on several confidential projects designed to resolve these issues.

Fortunately one side effect of effective solutions is that they are highly profitable. Just as the industrial revolution was profitable and self funding our projects are all designed to increase the economic capital of governments, industry and society.

Unfortunately if successful the impact of these projects are potentially sufficiently large in magnitude and velocity, that CGSA is no longer able to provide accurate analysis and predictions of future global events once CGSA’s own projects pipeline is taken into consideration.

For example in our BAU scenario (based on the work of geologist Jeffrey Brown) Saudi Arabia’s oil exports decline from 7mb/d in 2010 to 3mb/d by 2020. However if we assume that our portfolio of projects are successfully developed by Saudi Arabia on time, then by 2020 their oil exports may still be functionally equivalent to approximately 7mb/d.

Once the scope and capability of our project pipeline begins to stabilise we hope to be able to begin scenario planning the range of possible future outcomes based on our own activities some time around 2013-14.

We will continue the provision of appropriate critical analysis to relevant government and industrial project partners.

As part of our commitment to greater openness, from time to time we may also provide information appropriate for public consumption.