Securing Benchmarks and Supply: The Challenges for Crude Oil

Review of Platts Securing Benchmarks and Supply: The Challenges for Crude Oil conference held in May 13–14, 2008, in Vienna, Austria.

The event was very informative as well as inspirational. One of the worlds fore most experts in oil and gas depletion is Matt Simmons, who through his books, articles and public appearances has done more than most to bring the truth of our current energy situation to public attention.

It was a pleasure to have a one to one conversation with Matt Simmons in person. His friendly, down to earth and yet quietly confident  manor meant that you could not help but admire him. Over lunch we discussed in detail my research into US oil production issues. It was refreshing to witness that as well as being very open, considering the depth of his knowledge regarding such a sensitive issue he encourages openness by all experts.

It was also a pleasure to meet Professor Kjell Aleklett, President of ASPO again. Plus the countless other great people who really made the event a rewarding pleasure.

The event as well managed by the hard working team from Platts who organised the event.

Robert Babak Madadi Howard

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